Big L, Screen print, 2020

‘I became a little obsessed with a woman called Lisa Lyon. She was an actress who became a bodybuilder in the 80s. She wrote this book which encouraged women to build muscle and think independently about work and relationships. She had strong ideas. She was anti-establishment in that way where you paint yourself gold and pose naked. But it was a time when women having muscles was revolutionary and I got very into Lisa Lyon for a while there.

Untitled, Risograph Print, 2020


Deskbound is a project exploring the office worker, the office environment and the responsibility of corporations coercing unhealthy mental and physical demands of workers, whilst sustaining a ‘family/community’ facade.


18 May – 26 May 2018
Serf, Leeds

Photographs by Sam Hutchinson, 2018

Ellen Burroughs presents works from on-going research into the changing relationship between people and ‘kept’ dogs.

The two species have co-evolved, with ‘domesticated’ dogs receiving formal burials alongside men as early the Mesolithic period. As over time our needs have changed, so has the relationship. How can today’s domesticated dog, with the surrounding media, market produce and politics (in-breeding, abuse, neglect, licensing) reflect our own emotional and psychological development?

With roots in psychology, anthropology and archaeology, Burroughs’ works, at this early point of research/development, tend to manifest the absurd. The title references Argos, dog of Odysseus who secretly sheds a tear when returning home to find his faithful hunting hound to be old and covered in flies (but is also a joke as the main work in the show has been built through experiments with various compromised items from the Argos store, which were then returned ‘as new’)

Works include: print, a kinetic sculpture, video and a collaborative sound installation with artist and musician Lucy Johnson.