I had begun looking at the notion of ‘romantic love’ as a manipulative myth and collected imagery and made drawings and collages while reading around this. The idea was to challenge the ideal of a person being incomplete without a partner. Of the many images that appealed to me, I was compelled by photographs found… Continue reading O’BSESSION & RO-MYTH


Deskbound is a project exploring the office worker, the office environment and the responsibility of corporations coercing unhealthy mental and physical demands of workers, whilst sustaining a ‘family/community’ facade.


Photographs by Sam Hutchinson, 2018 18 May – 26 May 2018 Ellen Burroughs presents works from on-going research into the changing relationship between people and ‘kept’ dogs. The two species have co-evolved, with ‘domesticated’ dogs receiving formal burials alongside men as early the Mesolithic period. As over time our needs have changed, so has the relationship. How can today’s… Continue reading RETURNING TO ARGOS